Wellness Yoga Centre

Holistic Nurture a Yoga & Therapy, Pregnancy, Doula, Pilates Centre in Blanchardstown Village!


The Yoga studio offers different classes suitable for all levels, from many different disciplines and styles. Our focus is on intimate yoga classes, so the experience is tailored to the needs of the group.

In addition, our experienced professionals offer individual therapies and treatments like Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology and more. Our centre is also a home for moms, dads and families in the making; we have a wide range of pregnancy related workshops and courses.

As we are a few Doulas working in the centre we are here to support you during pregnancy with our many different treatments abut also we believe like many others that the best way to have a baby is to create the best environment at birth as Michel Odent sais:

We invite you to join us for Pregnancy Yoga, if you are expecting, or a Baby Massage course, Baby Yoga and our amazing Feel Fabulous Friday which are unique to our centre,  if you are a new parent!

Our doors are open and we would be thrilled to get to know you,

As we allways Say: “Moments of love last for a life time”

so pop in and say hello!

Loads of love from our team ♥