A Doula , also known as a birth companion and post-birth supporter, is a nonmedical person who assists before, during, and/or after childbirth.
This care is not limited to the woman as a Doula offers support for her spouse and/or family, by providing physical assistance and emotional support. The provision of continuous support during labour is linked to improved maternal and fetal health. In addition, there are a variety of other benefits including lower risk of induction and intervention, less need for pain relief and many others. These benefits are particularly significant when continuous support is provided by someone who is not there as a family member or friend and not a member of the medical staff- i.e. a Doula. Additionally, a Doula is sometimes hired to work with families beyond the postpartum stages, providing continued physical and emotional support, for as long as needed (sometimes the relationship between a Doula and the family can be several years).


HelenMy names Helen, I’m a doula specialising in antenatal and postnatal support.
I trained in 2006 and have worked with numerous clients in the past.
I am a mother of two and live in the Dublin area. I am available for postnatal support and offer antenatal classes.
Contact me – 0872950152 , helen26@eircom.net



Eoin Maher

My name is Leemore, I have always been passionate about birth and babies, since a very young age. Originally from Israel, i fell in love with an Irish man and have been living in Dublin over 20 years now. I have trained as a massage and Reiki therapist in 2000 looking for a change in career. But fell back to my original love of babies in 2003 when i studied the 1st Baby Massage instructor training.  I have been passionately teaching mom’s to massage their babies ever since. And in 2007 i  become a  Birth-Doula.I’m a mum of three children, a pregnancy yoga teacher, DONA trained birth Doula. In 2016 i have opened Holistic Nurture which is really a “Red Tent”. a place I’m able to help and support families in the making, and support woman in what ever life gives them. what is a Red Tent?? well, come in for a Cup & Chat and I’ll tell you all about it.  😉

My Birth Doula Cost:

  • Free First meeting/talk
  • Two prenatal visits. The first visit between 24-26 weeks and the second one around 35-36 weeks.
  • Ongoing support throughout the pregnancy via phone, email and text. You can always contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns along the way and i will be in touch with you regularly.
  • On call service from 37 weeks till birth. (approx 5 weeks)
  • Continuous support during labour and birth. when we deiced you need me around I will be with you within an hour from when you request me. I will remain up to 2 hours after the baby is born and help get breastfeeding established.
  • Two postpartum visits within first 10 days to answer any questions you may have on the early postpartum period and celebrate the birth of your baby!
  • My Cost is: €1100  (Booking fee of €200 is non-refundable and payable within 7 days of hiring my services) The 2nd installment  €500 is due at the first antenatal visit and the balance of €400 is due at our 2nd antenatal visit.
  • My doterra link: https://www.mydoterra.com/leemorebutler/#/

Contact me – 015440999, info@holisticnurture.com


My name is Emer and I’m a mum of four boys, a pregnancy yoga teacher, DONA trained birth Doula. I believe every woman and every birth is unique and should be treated as such. My goal is to encourage every woman to find her ideal path to welcoming her baby into the world! My hope is that every woman has a positive, empowering birth experience, which is what we will work together towards. Every family, every woman, every baby, every birth matters. Your birth, Your way. Tel: (086 3898511) Email: emermcglade76@gmail.com   www.bloomingbumpsblossomingbabies.com



Ella’s Birth

I had the pleasure of having Leemore as my doula for the birth of my second child, Ella. Leemore was always a phonecall/visit away from listening and providing support for me during my antenatal stage. I had a very quick labour and delivery (that quick we didn’t make it in time to the hospital!), Leemore arrived at my home ten minutes before my daughter was born.
After feeling Ella’s head had descent whilst in the squatting position upstairs in my bathroom!, Leemore was there my knightess in shining armor, to help deliver the baby in a calm and relaxing manner. Even when my daughter’s waters were still intact ‘the caul’, Leemore managed to release them with her expertise.
I cannot thank Leemore enough with her caring, supportive and adaptable approach to her work.

Helen, Mammy to Ella 7 years old


Naama’s experience

On my first birth, my doula stayed 30 hours with me. It was a story in itself, and my husband and I were lucky to have her with us.

It all started with a friend of mine who recommended me her sister’s doula and my husband was very much against it. “I can support you” he told me, but looking back he realized he needed some support himself…

Leemore was my doula in my second birth which was still long enough and even though I had an idea of what’s ahead of me it was again very reassuring to have a woman with the experience and the knowledge and most of all the wisdom to know when to stay with me, talk, massage, or just walk with me around the neighborhood at 1 o’clock at night, and when to let go as well and give the partner a bit of attention.

But even before the pains of contractions, it was great knowing that I can call anytime of the day or night just to share my rapidly changing moods with Leemore and have a patient listener that always had a good word of advise and a good laugh about it all.

I have experienced doulas in Ireland and outside it and the only thing I regret in Ireland is that I didn’t insist on Leemore coming in to the labor room in the hospital. I was on the Domino scheme, but the night I gave birth was a busy one in the Rotunda in Dublin and there were no Domino midwives at all. My midwife was lovely and helpful but not there with me for a lot of the time. In my first birth my doula and my midwife were working together and created a safe and wonderful feminine environment for me and I think this is our right as the women giving birth to insist on having our choice to have a doula with us or to have our birth the way that would be best for us.
But at the end comes a baby and than you could really use a doula to visit you and help out with the first steps of motherhood, not to mention the fun of a massage course that gave me tools how to bond and connect better with my baby and sing to him how much I love him in African.

The pregnancy followed by the birth and the newborn was a time of great changes in my life, plenty of hormonal ones in particular… and having Leemore with me in every step of the way gave me balance and support well needed and a bonus of getting to know a wonderful person.

I warmly recommend any woman that is in this extraordinary journey to ask Leemore to be there alongside you.

Naama Kolnik