The Synergy Facial brings you the best of Eastern and Western techniques to give you the longest lasting natural effects. Acupuncture provides a safe, pain-free and effective way of refining lines and improving the appearance of complexion by increasing blood flow and stimulating collagen production.

Combining the acupuncture treatment with LED Phototherapy to add another layer of regenerative healing. LED therapy involves having low-power red /blue/ infrared light wavelengths emitted directly through the skin. This process cannot be felt and is not painful because it does not produce any heat. The light is absorbed into the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 millimetres, at which point it has positive effects on cellular energy, the nervous system and increases blood circulation, helping to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and cells.

Once the needles have been removed Una then uses a microcurrent mask to further enhance skin repair and muscle re-education. Microcurrent treatment mirrors your own body’s electrical output by emitting very similar low-voltage electrical currents. These currents trigger the body’s production of amino acids and ATP, accelerates cell repair and promotes healthier cell production. Microcurrent facials act like a “facial workout”, and a form of muscular re-education for the face.

1 – hour Synergy Facial includes:

Lifting serum with gua sha, facial acupuncture with LED therapy, followed by microcurrent mask, moisturiser and facial cupping.  Cost €150.

1/2 hour LED Facial:-

Lifting serum with gua sha, facial acupuncture with LED therapy, moisturiser and facial cupping. Cost €85

1/2 hour Microcurrent Facial:-

Lifting serum with gua sha, microcurrent mask, moisturiser and facial cupping. Cost €85

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