Originating in Japan many centuries ago, Amatsu treats the whole body not just the symptoms. It is a gentle and non invasive treatment that works to promote growth, repair and restoration of normal function and movement. It ensures a beneficial corrective treatment and is used to treat old and re-occurring injuries, or simply to return vitality to the body.
Amatsu naturally boosts the immune system thus encouraging the body to heal itself, and is effective in treating a very wide range of conditions.

Amatsu gently releases the excess tensions in your body, and is also a powerful preventative treatment. The treatment can help with almost all kinds of pain; neck pain, shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, upper back, lower back, hips, knees, joint and foot pain, etc.

Here are some common conditions that people seek Amatsu for-
Post Pregnancy
Pregnancy illness (morning sickness, hip pain and sciatica pain)
Traumatic births
Back pain
Posture problems
Repetitive strain
Joint aches and pains
Sports Injuries

Our specialist is Elaine Platt