Would you like to be free from anxiety, stress or depression in your life?

Do you want to experience positive thoughts every day?

“We don’t sit in meditation to become good meditators. We sit in meditation so that we’ll be more awake in our lives.”- Pema Chodron

The Meditation Experience course was created to introduce people into the meditation practice and its many strands, demystifying it and building the foundations for a lifelong practice and the enjoyment of its many physical and mental benefits.

Mindfulness, Buddhist and Indian are a few of the traditions and techniques visited on this course that is suitable to everybody, from absolute beginners to those who want to learn and discover ways to deepen their practice.

What are the benefits?

·       Positive thoughts

·       Comfortable sleep.

·       Increased Vitality

·       Acceptance and acknowledgement

·       Abundant energy

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