Would you like to be free from anxiety, stress or depression in your life?

Do you want to experience positive thoughts every day?

Mindfulness is a simple and effective way to help you ensure that your life can be stress free, easy and happy. Mindfulness is a training for the mind not to get overwhelmed or over-reacting to the many things that can go against our expectations. It helps stabilise the mind and sharpen our focus by clearing the mind clutter for good.

What are the benefits?

·       Positive thoughts

·       Comfortable sleep.

·       Increased Vitality

·       Acceptance and acknowledgment

·       Abundant energy

Every Wednesday at: 10:00 am.

with Ann Marie Breen

A traditional meditation class, which follows the ancient teaching of the old hindu masters of India. Meditation is a great way to explore the human nature, relax, bring light our on inner shadows and reach the Higher Self. Tommaso, teacher of the class, was a monk for seven years and direct disciple of Gianvittorio Cappelletto. He trained in depth with meditation, yoga and natural medicine. His esoteric approach is adapted to the needs of the modern lifestyle, without loosing the essence of the ancient tradition.

Every Tuesday at: 18:30 pm.

With Tommaso