Our Mum & Baby yoga classes will teach you fun ways to turn exercise into infant engagement and infant stimulation.
It’s a gentle way to restore your body after birth & to bond with your new baby!

The Mum & Baby classes bring a host of benefits for your baby. Through enhanced interaction with you, the mum, and also socializing with other babies it strengthens and aids development and gives your baby a balance of activity and relaxation.We wanted this class to be all about having fun and working with movement and balance for your baby.
Also, Mum & Baby Yoga targets many area and important exercises for you, mum. It  focuses on strengthening your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, teach you breathing techniques to help you stay calm and present. During the classes we move through some gentle asanas (postures), using songs and breath work, and always while interacting with our babies.
Apart from helping you to regain your figure, Mum & baby yoga classes allow you to socialize with other mums in your area, so you can join this positive support network of new and experienced mothers.

This is a full 1 hr class followed by Tea/Coffee & Conversation with Claire Corcoran

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